#PassafireEuro16 Journal #1

Happy 4th of July, America!

#PassafireEuro16 is underway.  We’ve played 6 shows so far:

  • – Nenzing, Austria
  • – Jersey, Channel Islands
  • – Kempten, Germany
  • – Reinsberg, Austria
  • – Innsbruck, Austria
  • – Eichstätt, Germany

After 4 flights, 4 airports, 6 cab rides, & no sleep within the 48 hours of the Nenzing & Jersey shows… the toughest part of the tour is now behind us.  It was all worth it, after being featured on the Austrian national news and playing to the most drunk & rowdy crowd we’ve ever played to in Jersey!

ReggaeJam at Reinsberg has also been a highlight thus far, as we played atop a mountain of the Alps in what’s left of a 10th century castle.  There’s no other venue that compares to it.

We’ve already seen many fans that discovered us last year for the first time come back to see us again this year.  It’s a good feeling seeing the continued support in our European fan base!

With the UEFA Euro Fußball (Soccer) tournament in full effect, we’ve spent a lot of our days off watching the matches at the local pubs.  They sure are serious about their fußball here.  Deutschland is currently set to face France in the semi-finals.  We’re pulling for the Germans to win it all.

Another non-work related highlight for all of us was conquering the Nordkette Mountain in Innsbruck, Austria.  It was easily the most challenging hike we’ve ever completed, with a climb of 3,428 feet from Hungerburg to Seegrube.  Innsbruck is a beautiful city, we’re glad we had a whole week to explore it.

We’ve been fortunate enough to balance work with play this summer.  Ted is off to Amsterdam for the week, while the rest of us are currently on a train to Budapest.  We get back to work this weekend in Austria.

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!  You can keep up with us on tour by following #PassafireEuro16 on social media (click to check out our Tagboard) and by following us on Snapchat at PassafireBand