06.25.20 – Sugarshack Acoustic Premiere of “Tacoma”
06.19.20 – “Friends” [Single] Release
03.12.20 – Sugarshack Acoustic Premiere of “Keepin’ On”
03.06.20 – Passafire Invades U.S. Virgin Islands
01.31.20 – “Sleepless” [Single] Release
01.25.20 – Keepin’ On Tour Wrap Up
11.01.19 – “Keepin’ On” [Single] Release

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Will’s solo project @Bodyhaunt released a new tune / music video today! go get it go go go

From the “Friends” session.
⁣The ending was a complete happy accident when we were listening to playback and the drums were mistakenly muted. We all said “woah what if..# and decided to arrange around that and added the stompclaps instead. Can’t wait to do this live with y’all!

New music from Will coming at ya tomorrow

Much love to all who tuned into today’s @Bandsintown live stream from near (ID, MI, MN, PA) and far (Brazil, England, India)! We’re looking forward to the day we can play in a city near you. Until then, take care & bump our latest single, “Friends” 🔊❤️

The Movement @TheMovementVibe

Zeroed in on my "outdoor studio" All the stone dragged by hand out of the creek. Cleared some brush, shoveled it all flat, wheelbarrows of crusher run stone, and then river rock on top. Comes complete with a vibes hammock and studio dog. - Matt Goodwin

Recording vocals for FRIENDS back in January. Go here to hear us sing it without swearing